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Tech / Infra Set up

Our Products & Solutions

Help Desk

Set Up Services

Any Product/ Platform Preferred - Starting from $50 onwards


Live Chat

Set Up Services

Any Product/Platform Preferred - Starting from $0 onwards


Chat Bot

Set Up Services

Any Product/Platform Preferred - Starting from $35 onwards


Call Center

CRM, Cloud, On Premise VOIP, PBX, Telephony, Robo Call, Autodialer, Call Recording Set Up.

Pre & Post Set Up Consulting, MVP Build, Support, Maintenance Any Product / Platform Preferred - Starting from $200 onwards


   Voice Chat Bot


Audio Calling Chat


Video Calling Chat


Chat Call Recording


ScreenSharing Chat


Video Identification


Video Kiosk CX


Digital Sign CX


Visual Support


Video Sales


AI Social Chat Bot


Chat Bot


Call Answering / Operator Sevices

Phone Number Set up/ Virtual/Onpremise Switchboard Setup available on request.

Call Answering Starting from $0.80 cents/call. Min $10.

Native Agents available on Request.

We will pass on info to you via text, email or call transfer

Message Taking, Ticket Hotline, Appointment booking, Call forwarding, Call overflow, Holiday cover, Switchboard Services, Emergency Call-Out, Out Of Hours, Tech Support


Our Services

Lifetime Freebie Subscriptions

AI Voice CRM 5 Users worth $25000-$50000

Languages Supported : English, Hindi, Finnish, Gujarati, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian,
Japanese, Kannada, Lithuanian, Maori. More coming soon!

Boei.help Widget for your site worth $10000+

Tochat.be Widget for your site worth $10000+

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Offers to Take your Business To Next Level

Android & iOS App for your business (Informational,
Ecommerce, Booking, Loyalty) Worth $1000 at Just $200

Desktop App For your Business at $500

Chrome Extension For your Business $500

Why Choose Us?

We provide consulting & assistance on set up of solutions with or with out whitelabel based on our customer preference.

We are partnered with multiple technologies & solutions and have our own products to suit your budgets and suggest a right solution for our customers.

Our Agents/ Assistants can work through Citrix or VPN environment : i.e., Secure PCI environment to minimize risk for Work at Home, Webcams to observe agent desktops and to detect cell phones, Keywords via speech analytics or QA real time observation tools. If an agent states something out of compliance the session is recorded and the system can lock out the agent from fraudulent activity.

Our Agents/ Assistants can work through all the equipment specified and necessary as per your requirement & standards (offered by you or negotiated as a part of our outsourced service billing).

Our Agents & Assistants come with all 100+ tools & licensed software, contents etc. so that's a bonus for our customers to lower their costs.

Our Agents & Assistants will be point of contact or bridge between our customers and our Inhouse Experts with 20-40+ years experience in all spheres.

Our Agents & Assistants will be point of contact or bridge between our customers and our Inhouse Experts with 20-40+ years experience in all spheres.

Our crew can take up whatever skill, product or technology certification or course is required for your evaluation and available for voice, video interviews.

Specialized & Certified Tech Support Assistants on Various Technologies can be provided on request.

Background Checks, Verifications, & Commitment Contracts are done for all agents as a part of our hiring process or your requirement assistance.

We ensure compliances and local laws adherence on all of our services.

We provide free Business Planning, Lead Generation Strategy, Sales Strategy, Growth Strategy, Budget Planning, Business Expansion Planning for our customers.

On premise agents and assistants and local/ area reps available on request.

Industries Served

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Fishing Industry

Horticulture Industry

Tobacco Industry

Wood Industry Manufacturing

Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Construction Industry

Defense Industry

Arms Industry

Electric Power Industry

Electronics Industry

Computer Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Energy Industry

Food Industry

Industrial Robot Industry

Low Technology Industry

Meat Packing Industry

Mining Petroleum Industry

Oil Shale Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

Steel Industry

Ship Building Industry

Tele-communications Industry

Textile Industry

Water Industry

Creative Industry

Advertising Industry

Fashion Industry

Floral Industry

Cultural Industry

Education Industry

Entertainment Industry

Film Industry

Gambling Industry

Music Industry

Video Game Industry

Hospitality Industry

Information Industry

Leisure Industry

Mass Media Industry

Broadcasting Industry

Internet Industry

News Media Industry

Publishing Industry

Professional Services Industry

Real Estate Industry

Retail Industry

Software Industry

Sport Industry

Transport Industry

Automotive Industry

Communications Industry

Financial Services Industry

Insurance Industry

Healthcare Industry

Construction & Engineering Industry

Consumer Goods Industry

Energy and Water Industry

Financial Services Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Government and Education Industry

Healthcare Industry

High Technology Industry

Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Life Sciences Industry

Media and Entertainment Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Professional Services Industry

Retail Industry

Travel and Transportation Industry

Wholesale Distribution Industry