How many agents can we add?

You are free to add as many agents as you want to a property. Since BingDesk is an agent-focused chat platform, each agent has a separate account, and you can share properties.

How can you offer this for free?

For customers who don't want to answer the conversation themselves, we provide Hired Agent services that bring in money.
With no restrictions on the amount of Agents, conversation volumes, or websites you can add widgets to, using the software and providing your own answers is absolutely free.
If you require properly educated, native speaking chat operators to assist you with your discussions, BingDesk is actually 100% free and only costs $0.80/hour.

Do you limit the number of concurrent chats?

No. You are free to respond to as many chats at once as you choose. Nothing is off bounds..

Is our data safe?

We value your privacy and the security of your data. All communication between you and your visitors is protected using the SHA-256 Secure Socket Layer, and all data is stored on encrypted servers.

Will I ever be charged to use the software?

No. The apps for both mobile and desktop devices are totally free. We don't intend to charge you anything to use the programme. It is wholly incompatible with our company strategy.
You are NOT required to remove the "Powered by BingDesk" logo, but a tiny percentage of our users do so for a very little cost. We have no feature limitations.

Are there any Ads?

No! We don't have any intrusive advertisements on BingDesk! Yuck!
We will never sell your information to a third party or recommend their products to you. You are not the final item.

How do I get support?

We provide live help by email and chat every day of the year. Anytime you want assistance, just start a chat on our website, and a member of our committed support staff will do their best to assist.

Where can I find documentation?

The URL for the BingDesk Help Center is https://bingdesk.com.

Do you offer a self-hosted solution?

BingDesk is a cloud-based service. We do not offer an on-premises solution at this time. Nonetheless, we would like to shed some light on this matter, as it is essential to comprehend why this is the case.
In order to put BingDesk as close to our clients and end users as possible, Secure Cloud presently hosts the application using a globally dispersed architecture. The speed (and latency) of message delivery can make the difference between a positive and negative visitor experience because of the nature of messaging.
On-premise hosting is, to be completely honest, a terrible idea for a product like Live Chat.

How many businesses use BingDesk?

The world's most popular live chat platform is BingDesk. BingDesk is used by more than 35% of all websites that offer live chat.
Through BingDesk, millions of corporate users converse with billions of end users. In actuality, each and every month, nearly 2 billion end users engage with a BingDesk widget.
That is one-fifth of the entire world's population.

When is your next Meetup?

At BingDesk, we take great pride in the many wonderful connections we have created throughout the local community. This is the reason we have kept investing in global meetups ever since we started.
We routinely get together with our community, meeting people from Bali to Berlin, Melbourne to Milan. We've gained a lot of knowledge through our time together.
We have discontinued Meetups due to the existing restrictions on worldwide travel. Please bookmark www.bingdesk.com to register your interest and see where the tawk.to crew will be next. We can't wait to meet everyone out there!

Where are you based?

Although BingDesk has a global crew, we trade from North Carolina, USA. Regardless of location, we hire the greatest people we can find. We have a varied team. And when we say "diversity," we mean it.
Our company is made up of hundreds of devoted crew members who are dispersed across more than 150 different countries and all time zones. Our CEO and founder is Indian, and our CTO is Indian-American. We are multilingual just between our founders.
We think that your place of birth, your religious affiliation, the colour of your skin, or the language you speak do not define who you are. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental components of who we are. We make hiring decisions based on merit and are adamant that good people draw other good people.

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