Virtual Assistant Service

Benefits of Hiring a VA

Forget about recruiting, screening resumes, interviews and managing schedules or payroll

Assign your most repetitive tasks

Have your VA cover multiple time zones

Spend your time on what matters most

Hire skilled crew at a fraction of the cost

No recruitment fees, free replacement

Do what you do best — outsource the rest

Remote workers means no unnecessary office overheads

Spending too much time hiring in-house?

Sick of being disappointed by the wrong hire?

Just want to get your life back?

What can your VA do?


Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I communicate with my VA?
We will set up a group chat in the Dashboard for you to freely and easily communicate with your VA.
You are free to choose other methods of communication. They should be discussed and agreed upon with your VA.
2Who onboards and trains the VA?
We aim to provide basic onboarding support to all VAs. We’ll bring your VA up to speed on client expectations, goals and metrics that have been shared with us. Our onboarding also includes training on the software. You are responsible for any additional training/onboarding of your VA. We believe you can best introduce the systems, processes and software you’ll require the VA to understand.
3Can I offer bonuses and financial incentives to the VA?
Our VAs are already paid very well. Our past experience has shown that if you start offering your VA bonuses for just doing their job, it becomes an expectation that causes issues in the future. E.g., if you cancel, we may transfer the agent to another client that doesn’t offer said bonuses. We appreciate the gesture, but we don’t work with commissions or bonuses — just the one flat monthly fee.
4How do holidays work?
VAs may ask for days off and/or holidays. They may either make up for time missed, or alternatively, we can offer a refund for the days missed. Many of our clients will choose to give them time off when it is requested. We are flexible and you need to be too, as the VAs are humans, not robots.
5What if a VA decides to quit?
In the unlikely scenario that an agent requests to leave a project, we will make it the highest priority to recruit and assign another candidate at no cost. An agreement for a notice period can be discussed directly with the agent. Honestly speaking, we very rarely have this happen. Treat them well, and they’ll stick around for a very long time. This should be discussed with our VA liaison. In preparation for this unlikely event, we encourage the VA to document the onboarding process and training they receive when first onboarded.
6Can you offer an NDA?
VAs are contracted to BingDesk. We request that all contractors sign a confidentiality agreement with Your entity is covered by our Privacy Policy, which may be viewed at We are members of the ICO in the UK and the EU-U.S. and SWISS-U.S. privacy shield.
7Can I assign a company email to my VA?
Yes, this is encouraged.
8Do VA's provide a notice period when requesting time off?
We can add a 1-week or 2-week notice period to their standard contractor agreement if requested. However, as this is a human-powered service, we can never guarantee unforeseen departures. We may be able to provide you with a basic level of support for any days the VA is away. This should be discussed with our VA Liaison officer.
9How do I know if a VA is really working?​
We monitor, track and record login and logout times on the days your VA is allocated to work. Your VA will also prepare and submit written reports summarizing tasks undertaken. This report will be tailored to your needs. You can request reports to be submitted daily, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly. Questions regarding written reports should be discussed with our VA Liaison Officer. On a final note, we may be able to provide access to a productivity tracking tool, should this be of importance. Note: the subscription cost of this tool will be at your cost. The use of tracking tools should also be discussed with our VA Liaison Officer.
10Are there any contracts with the service?​
No, there are no long-term contracts. The service is month by month, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Payment is made to BingDesk, not the agent, via the Add-on section of the Dashboard. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.
11Where are the VAs based?​
Our VAs are all recruited all over the world and are always recruited and vetted by BingDesk. We do not outsource our hiring. We hire VAs from all over the world for a number of very good reasons. 1. Reliability 2. Work Ethic 3. Cost 4. They are passionate, friendly and always prepared to meet and exceed expectations. The majority of our team are university educated and have previous customer service experience. English is their second language, so written and oral skills are excellent.
12What if my VA requires a phone number
We are happy to set up and provide your VA with a virtual phone number. We will also assist you in setting your VA up with this virtual number. We bear the cost of the virtual phone number. This should be discussed with the VA Liaison Officer.

What can a Real Estate VA do for my business?

Administrative Support

Executive assistant

Appointment setting

Booking home inspections

Email inbox management

Human Resource management


CRM management

Sales and marketing


Making outbound calls

SMS/text messaging

Preparing sales reports

Live chat customer support

Property value reports

Generating and nurturing leads

Graphic Design

Designing fliers for open houses

Preparing buyer's packets

Designing postcards and mailers

Managing files and documents

Generating social media graphics

Creative services

Creating and updating MLS listings

Video editing

Web Development

Blog/content writing

Social account management

What can a Health Services VA do for my business?

Administrative Support

Executive assistant

Data entry for Electronic Medical Records

Data entry for Electronic Health Records

Manage files and documents

Transcribe dictations

Patient Care

Send new patient intake forms

Take patient messages

Schedule and manage appointments

Appointment confirmations

Update records and notes in patient charts

Insurance and Billing

Pre-certify visits and procedures

File insurance claims

Check patient eligibility for benefits

Manage billing, coding and collections

Manage payroll

Marketing and IT Services

Design fliers and mailers

Create brochures

Web Development

Social media management

Video editing

What can an E-commerce VA do for my business?

Administrative Support

Executive assistant

Data entry

Manage files and documents

Update product lists and prices

Manage stock levels and place orders



Tax preparation



IT/Web Development

Shopify Developer

WordPress Developer

Amazon store setup

Etsy store setup

Managing BigCommerce and other platforms

Walmart store setup

IT support

Identifying and updating broken links

Back-end SEO

Monitoring and improving page load speed

Customer Support

Placing and updating orders

Order tracking

Handling product returns and exchanges

Processing orders and refunds

Managing returns

Product recommendations

IT support

Upselling and cross-selling

Handling customer complaints

Responding to product reviews

24/7 chat support

Marketing and Graphic Design

Writing and editing product descriptions

Web Development

Social media management

Writing ad copy

Creating images for ads and social posts

Video editing

Customer research

Creating blog content

Track social media performance

Keyword research

What can a Digital Marketing VA do for my business?

Administrative Support

Executive assistant

Data entry

Managing files and documents



Tax preparation



Content Marketing

Blog post and article writing

Video script writing

Video Editing

SEO Keyword research

Backlink campaigns

Landing page and ad copywriting

Writing and editing product descriptions

Performance tracking with Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Scheduling social media posts

Lead generation

Following social profiles

Responding to comments on social profiles

Responding to customer reviews

Liking and commenting on posts

Monitoring and tracking social channels

YouTube channel management

Graphic Design

Wireframing website pages

Logo design

Graphic design for ads and social posts

Blog post and article illustration

Video thumbnail design

Brochure design

Social profile headers

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva

What can a Web Development VA do for my business?

What can an Executive Virtual Assistant do for my business?

Focus on your highest priorities with the support of a professional who understands your business.

Plan, schedule and manage meetings

Create custom landing pages and forms

Attend meetings on your behalf

Research data and prepare reports

Prepare presentations and documents

Project management

Team management

Evaluate and update systems and processes

Answer and screen your phone calls and return calls on your behalf

Calendar management

Event planning — from venues and caterers to invitations and seating charts

Travel planning — flight plans, accommodations, ground transport, and meetings

What can a Personal Virtual Assistant do for my business?

Reclaim your personal time and stay organized with a trusted professional to keep your work life running smoothly.

Send and receive personal emails

Manage your personal calendar

Schedule appointments

Organize and prepare for meetings

Prepare documents and presentations

Organize online documents

Bill payment/expense tracking

Answer, screen, and return phone calls on your behalf

Book flights, hotels, and rental cars

Send flowers and gifts

Order meals/coffee online

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